Control System for Surface BOP

Control System for Surface BOP

Control System for Surface BOP introduction

BOP control system is important device for oilfield to make sure the safe operation and it is mainly used for controlling the blowout preventer of the well mouth and the starting and closing of the blowout valve group, so as to be preventive from the well injection in drilling and well repairing.

PLC control type
Use PLC control technology and Profibus system toachieve simplification and automation of the operation;

Cable type
Brief design electric control system: connectremote control panel with driller’s panel by multi-core cable. Several kinds ofexplosion-proof technology can be applied as per request of users.
● With the backup battery, the control system canwork normally for 120 minutes when there is a sudden power cut, ensuring safetyand continuation of operation;
● Flexibility offers more stable workingperformance even under extreme working condition;
● Driller’s panel is provided with function ofoperation status notice and misoperation protection, which makes the operationmore convenient and reliable;
● Fast plug-in facility makes installation easy.

Optional function
● Data recording module: for recording O/C statusand pressure values of control system, which can be kept for a long time
● Data monitor system (including data recordingmodule): to real-time display O/C status, pressure value of BOP on computer; toplot pressure curve diagram (support print out).
● ATEX explosion-proof standard: to meet therequirement of the European Security Standard CE

● The Remote Control Panel is equipped with both electricand pneumatic power. Backup inlet for pressure oil ensures the system workingregularly despite some unexpected situations;
● The power system is equipped with automatic control system and doubleprotective device against overload pressure for hydraulic system. The operationis easy, safe and reliable;
● With four sets of accumulators, the system can work regularly with therest 75% volume in case one of them is out of order. A relief valve issplit-type installed to increase the strength of the accumulator, which makesit easy for disassembly and maintenance;
● Withclear identification, and giving signals for current working condition,misoperation could be avoided, which makes driller control panel easy tooperate.