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Wellhead Flange

Wellhead Flange

Wellhead Flange introduction

HENGTONG Wellhead Flange Adapters are designed to be used in the upper most position on API Wellheads and therefore enable wireline and other well service operations to be performed through the wellhead into well bore.

HENGTONG Wellhead Adapters are available in various bore sizes and with quick union connections compatible with Bowen and Otis type quick unions. Additionally, flange/Adapters are supplied for standard or H2S Service and working pressure up to 15,000 PSI.

The flange is used for wellheads and wellhead devices in oil fields with two kinds of structures: threaded and welded.

psi (Mpa)
Working Pressure
Nominal Size
2 1/16~211/4
Product Specification Level PSL1~3 Material class AA~FF
Performance Requirement Level PR11~2 Working Temperature P.U -29~121 ℃
(-20~250о F)