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API 6A Surface Safety Valve

API 6A Surface Safety Valve

API 6A Surface Safety Valve introduction

1.With API 6A and ISO9001 Certification
2.Have professional designers
3.Advanced equipment,good quality,competitive price

API 6A Surface Safety valve
Our Surface Safety Valve have been ISO9001 certified and attained API 6A approvals of American Petroleum Institute.All products are fully designed and manufactured in accordance with API,ANSI,GB(national standard)and SY(industry standards)standards.

• Used in oil and gas leakage location and fire emergency situations such security protection
• According to the different drivers that divided into hydraulic and pneumatic valve
• With thermal and high-pressure explosion-proof device
• It is consist of actuator and safety valve, standard connection so as to replace and maintenance.
• Working pressure :2000~20,000PSI
• Nominal Bore: 1.13/16"~7.1/16"(46mm~180mm)
• Working Medium: oil, natural gas, mud and gas containing H2S, CO2
• Working Temperature: -46°C~121°C(Class LU)
• Material Class: AA-FF
• Specification Level: PSL1-4
• Performance Requirement: PR1