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Helicoid Hydraulic Motor

Helicoid Hydraulic Motor

Helicoid Hydraulic Motor introduction

The Helicoid hydraulic motor(Downhole Motor) is a kind of power tool that transforms the pressure of liquid to mechanical energy in the downhole. When the power liquid flows into the screw motor, pressure difference will be produced between the inlet and outlet of the motor, then the pressure difference drives the rotor rotating of planetary motion round the stator, and provides running torque and speed to the drill bit while the drill pipe is not rotating during work process, thus the drilling process is being performed.

Advantages of downhole screw motors:
  1. Attrition of drilling pipe is declined obviously for downhole screw motors running torque is only to drive bit while the drilling is not rotating;
  2. Not only provide special drill assembly with high deflection rate, but also guide drill assembly with everlasting control;
  3. Out torque and pressure difference is nearly liner relationship within a certain range when the power liquid flows into the screw motor;
  4. Provide great delivery volume and improve speed of uphole velocity and carrying capability for rotor is hollow;
  5. Suitable for all kinds of bits.

Helicoid Hydraulic Motor Constitution
Downhole motor is composed of four assemblies of by-pass valve, motor, cardan shaft and drive shaft . In another word, down-hole motor"s main sparts are as follows:
  1. By-pass Valve Assembly
  2. Motor Assembly
  3. Cardan Shaft Assembly
  4. Transmission Shaft Assembly
  5. Guidance Assembly (Petal Type,Adjustable Type and so on).

Helicoid Hydraulic Motor Features

  1. high pulling torque
  2. high effective
  3. wide flow rate range
  4. running stable
  5. long working time
Fitting for 3 1/2"--17 1/2" well hole,includng straight body, single-bent and double-bent construction.